The Aruba Fair Trade Authority (AFTA) is looking for new colleagues.

The AFTA is the independent competition authority of Aruba. As an independent administrative body with legal personality, we promote and safeguard fair and effective competition in Aruba. This means that we ensure that competition between companies is not hindered, restricted, or distorted, and that companies do not abuse their dominant position. Our core task is to oversee and enforce compliance with the Competition Ordinance. For this purpose, we have effective investigative and enforcement tools. For example, the AFTA can request written and oral information and conduct announced and unannounced company visits. Companies are obligated to cooperate with an investigation by the AFTA under penalty of a fine. In addition, we provide advice to the government, both solicited and unsolicited, on the competitive implications of existing and proposed regulations, as well as on market dynamics in Aruba. The intention is for the AFTA to eventually evolve into an integrated market supervisor that also acts as a market regulator and protects consumers against unfair trading practices. We are looking for candidates for the position of (senior) researcher.

The role:

  • Performs complex investigative and/or supervisory activities regarding compliance with laws and regulations;
  • Inventories, analyzes, and evaluates relevant developments, assesses their significance for the field of competition authority, and the strategic research policy;
  • Ensures the drafting of decisions, written reports, and/or other research documents;
  • Building and maintaining case files;
  • Drafts and/or reviews documents for various appeal and objection procedures, as well as legal proceedings, and acts as a legal representative in legal proceedings;
  • Prepares reports identifying violations and contributes to the drafting of management reports;
  • Designs strategic competition-related positions, advice, and notes.

Job requirements and competencies:

  • HBO/WO degree in economics;
  • 2 years of relevant work experience;
  • Understanding of financial-economic technical relationships in a broad context.
  • Multidisciplinary orientation and analytical skills.
  • Integrity, transparency, accountability, and precision in your role as a supervisor.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Contributes to a positive working atmosphere and team spirit

Do you want to work as a (senior) researcher at the AFTA and do you meet the requirements? Please send your motivation letter and accompanying curriculum vitae to Mr. E. Kross MSc, For more information about the AFTA, please visit our website:

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